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10 Tips To Sell A Home
Thursday, August 11th 2016 10:46 pm

Looking to get a leg up on the housing market?

These easy upgrades can make your home more appealing to buyers:

Like all sellers, you want your house to appeal to a wide range of buyers who can afford your listing price. Whether your home is in Orlando or Oviedo, inorder to stand out in a crowded market, you need to make your home look as desirable as possible for a quick sale.

Standard real estate tactics such as painting and decluttering go a long way toward achieving this goal but these other simple home staging tips can up your homes wow factor and lead to a quick sale.

1. Have all of your carpeting cleaned

This is especially true if you have pets. (Pet odor is not the scent you want flowing through your home as potential buyers walk through it.)

If your carpeting is old, well traveled and you have hardwood flooring underneath, remove the carpet. Chances are, buyers are going to want to know the condition of the floors anyway.

2. Give your moldings a makeover

If your moldings are nicked or scuffed, give them some quick touch-up paint and the same goes for walls that have scuff marks or stains.

3. Spruce up your patio, porch or deck

If you have outdoor living space, make it look as inviting as possible. Upgrade existing outdoor furniture or remove it if it's seen better days, give your grill a good scrubbing and add some potted plants.

4. Clean your front door and door handle, mildewed hardware can spoil a showing faster than lightning.

Paint, clean or replace your house numbers. If your mailbox has seen better days, replace it. Also, make sure your entryway looks presentable, don't welcome potential buyers with clutter, piles of leaves or other unsightly items.

5. Remove debris off roof and clean the gutters.

Moss may make buyers think your roof is old and will need to be replaced soon, gutters packed full of leaves just looks bad.

6. Make sure your appliances and mechanics are in working order

Buyers want appliances in good working order since they'll be the ones using them next. Have these items cleaned and tested prior to putting your house up for sale, don't leave it for a home inspector to note on his report after a contract has been accepted.

7. Cut your closet clutter

Remove half the items in your closet and then neatly organize your remaining clothing and other items, the closets will instantly appear larger and it's always appealing to potential buyers.

8. Update your outlets

If your electrical outlets and switches are faded and cracked, replace them with more modern upgraded ones. Clean and replace your wall plates and missing screws too.

9. Replace your toilet seats

This is so important, I can't stress it enough. Stained seat covers appear unsanitary and can ruin a showing. You can use an inexpensive upgrade that goes a long way toward making your bathroom appear updated and fresh. The same goes for a new shower curtain and a fresh coat of grout and caulking inside the shower. If your faucets are old or loose and outdated, replace them. It will give your bathroom a much needed makeover.

10. Perk up your cabinet knobs

If your kitchen cabinets and drawers have a well used appearance, replace the knobs pulls with more modern ones. It's an inexpensive fix that can make a huge difference in your kitchens appeal.

Small upgrades and touch-ups can mean the difference between selling your home fast verses waiting for an offer weeks later.

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